Wednesday , May 22 2019
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Colorado Recreational Marijuana Booming As Medical Sales Slump


Recreational marijuana sales in Colorado continue to increase steadily. The news isn’t the same for medical marijuana, as sales have dwindled. Many medical marijuana cardholders are choosing to make purchases from the recreational market instead.

From December 2014 through December 2017, the number of recreational marijuana business licenses has increased from 833 to 1,520, Westword reports.  Medical marijuana business licenses also increased, but only from 1,416 to 1,531 in the same 3-year period. In 2017 alone, 376 new marijuana business licenses were issued and 77% happen to be in the recreational marijuana market.

The state has also improved its underage sale prevention number to 95.1% compliance in 2017, according to the Marijuana Enforcement Division. The agency wants to see that compliance number improve more.

In the edibles category, recreational edibles sales increased by 29% and medical marijuana edibles sales dropped by 14%. Concentrate sales also increased in the recreational sector.

In Denver County alone, 590,790 pounds of marijuana were harvested. The total number of pounds produced statewide is 999,022. It is also estimated that Denver County cultivators are growing about 1,552,598 plants.

Pueblo County is second to Denver County producing about 125,970 pounds of marijuana in 2017. A growth rate, in terms of cultivation, for Pueblo County alone from January through August 2017 was estimated to be 154%.