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Prometheus Pipe

Prometheus Pipe

Do you want be the owner of the coolest marijuana pipe in town? Well, purchase Pyp Tek’s Prometheus Pocket Pipe and that’s what you’ll be.

The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is made in America by Colorado machinists and glass blowers. It consists of high-grade borosilicate glass (its bowl and tube) and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum (its shell), making it ridiculously tough. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe easily unscrews into a few pieces that are effortlessly cleaned and then reconstructed.

There are five colors to choose from in Pyp Tek’s Prometheus Pocket Pipe. The pipe is about four inches in length which makes it perfect for fitting into a purse, bag, or pant pocket. So go purchase a Prometheus Pocket Pipe and enjoy being the coolest person at the party.

Brass Stealth Keychain Pipe

Brass Stealth Pipe Keychain

In our search for novel pipes, we felt the all metal piece pipe was one of our favorites.

Fact is there are always occasions when stealth and convenience are a mandatory, in which case this pipe is the bomb. This tiny brass pipe has a stash holder and a large bowl that lock up nice and tight. When you want to take a hit, simply pull the key ring end until you hear the locking mechanism click. Afterward, ash it out and pull again to extend the piece pipe out to reveal the stash area and repack a new bowl. The stealth pipe securely closes, leaving no odor or clues that it’s a pipe; most people think it’s a mini flash light on a keychain.

Stay safe by staying inconspicuous. Sometimes it is better to be safe, than sorry. Get your stealth keychain pipe today, and enjoy your 4/20!

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Bhang Fresh Mint CBD Spray

Bhang CBD Spray

Do you remember using Binaca, the popular breath-freshening spray from the 90s and from the movie Dumb and Dumber?

Well Bhang Fresh Mint CBD spray is a new-age breath freshener – that also provides medical benefits. This CBD-only spray won’t get you “high” like THC, but it will certainly help reduce chronic pain and inflammation, all while making your breath nice and minty.

The minty flavor is a nice and mild peppermint (unlike Binaca sprays that were so strong they burnt your tongue). The pocket-sized spray packs a potent 150mg of CBD. It contains enough spray that it can last for weeks (varies per user).

The Bhang Fresh Mint CBD spray costs approximately $30 for 150mg CBD spray and $60 for the 350mg CBD spray.

Bhang products can be found at many dispensaries.

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