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Medical Marijuana vs. Recreational Jurisdiction for Colorado Dispensaries

Where there’s legalized smoke, there’s political fire for medical marijuana shops in Larimer County, CO. Even before Colorado passed Amendment 64, opening the door for recreational marijuana use for adults, there was still controversy concerning the legalization of medical marijuana for one county.

Back in 2010 Larimer County, decided to oppose the state’s medical marijuana legalization act, by banning medical marijuana stores. Despite this motion to squelch the future of this noblest of weeds, Larimer County did grandfather in two start-up businesses, which managed to meet Larimer’s strict county-land use criteria.

The main stake at this juncture is if the state-wide, recreational marijuana initiative is successfully launched this October 1st, existing medical marijuana dispensaries will lose the lion’s share of the potential marketplace. Naturally, when recreational marijuana use is wide spread, patients will simply nix the unnecessary financial burden of $100 doctor visits and the $35 annual renewal fees of their medical marijuana registry cards and purchase directly from recreational marijuana shops.

On the other hand, if they nix the recreational legalization of marijuana, Colorado’s medical marijuana dispensaries will go from serving only 2% of Colorado’s population to serving about 30% of Coloradans. Until then the marijuana legalization issue in Colorado is just a leaf in the wind, which may end up on either side the road.

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