Thursday , June 21 2018
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Colorado’s Marijuana Social Clubs to Begin Opening Soon

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Public marijuana use remains illegal in Colorado three years after recreational legalization. Luckily, marijuana social clubs have been approved to open. iBake is one of the few legally operating social clubs in operation in the state.

The reason that indoor use is okay at iBake is because it is a private club, according to NPR. The club is outside of Denver city limits and isn’t near the police department. For visitors, this is one of their only options for using marijuana while on vacation.

Steve Nelson Jr, owner of iBake, said, “It’s recreation, so it’s to have fun, it’s to relax, it’s to lounge. You don’t necessarily want to do that by yourself.”

State Senator Vicki Marble agrees that the clubs are a good idea.

She said, “We do not want people coming on vacation and leaving on probation.”

Her reasoning is, like others, that tourists have nowhere to consume the marijuana they purchase while on vacation.

Marijuana won’t be provided to patrons of the social clubs. It is a B.Y.O.P. type of arrangement where guests are responsible for bring their own marijuana.

Kayvan Khalatbari, advocate for public marijuana consumption, said, “It’s not only something that obviously Colorado’s dealing with, but every single state that’s legalizing recreational cannabis, this will be a conundrum that gets recreated.”

Edibles are one option for visitors, but like Khalatbari, not everyone enjoys them. New marijuana users don’t know the right approach to edibles and all-too-often have a poor experience their first time around.

He said, “I don’t like edibles. I don’t like the way they make me fee. I don’t feel that vaporization gives me the sensation that I’m looking for.”

Some question what types of businesses will be permitted to have marijuana use permits or become a marijuana social club. Those requirements have not been set in stone yet.