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Colorado Harvests over 550,000 Lbs of Marijuana Since January


A new report from Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division indicates that the state harvested over 550,000 pounds of marijuana through June 2018. These numbers are impressive despite many cities and towns banning commercial growing, dispensaries and other types of marijuana businesses. Only about 35% of Colorado’s jurisdictions permit marijuana businesses to operate.

The state has 209 separate jurisdictions, Westword reports. That leaves 65% of the state banning any type of marijuana industry business. Seventy-seven percent of the 183 new marijuana business licenses issued in 2018 have been in the recreational sector.

Cultivation rates continue to increase. Denver and Pueblo have the highest cultivation volumes in the state. Denver’s cultivators harvested 530,000 plants in June alone. It is estimated that about 1.06-million marijuana plants were harvested throughout the state in June.

Sales of dry flower increased 1.4% over the past year. Infused items and concentrate sales have grown more. Those sales increased 13.8% and 94.6%.

The report said, “When comparing the first six months of 2017 to the first six months of 2018, the monthly average of units sold (medical and adult-use combined) for both edibles and concentrates increased by 13.8 percent and 94.6 percent respectively.”

Colorado also prides itself on high purity test scores. The businesses in the state all scored As and Bs. More than 86% of the flower and trim tested the first half of 2018 passed microbial testing. All of the edibles tested passed and 93.8% of the concentrates tested passed.

Colorado’s numbers for production, testing and sales continue to be impressive.